Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hey Floridians!

Are you headed to the big FPEA Convention? We're going to be there. Stop by our booth and say hi to Mandy and Janet. They're our Florida All-Stars and will be happy to talk with you about their years of experience homeschooling, the best children's literature, history, and much more. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Attention Charter School Families!

Beautiful Feet Books is an approved vendor for many charter schools allowing families to purchase our products using charter school funds. If you would like to purchase our products through your charter school add us as a vendor today! We are happy to answer any questions and ensure we meet your school's qualifications. We look forward to providing our award-winning products, less any sectarian material, to you and your charter school family. Contact letters@bfbooks.com for more information.

Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Convention Schedule

We hope to see many of you at these great conventions! For more details, click here.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Latest Study Guide Editions

It's that time of year again when you start looking toward next year's curriculum choices! We're going to be having some great promotions coming up and we know lots of you are looking for used curriculum as homeschooling is a huge financial commitment. In order to hep you navigate the Buy, Sell, Trade groups and used curriculum fairs, we've put together this reference to the latest editions of our study guides. With every printing we make minor tweaks, so these copyright dates are for the latest major overhaul and expansion. The latest cover designs are also featured.

Most updated version © 2014

Early American History: A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades
Most updated version © 2016

Most updated version © 2015

Most updated version © 2016

Most updated version © 2016

Latest version © 2014

Most updated version © 2014

Most updated version © 2014

Most updated version © 2013

Most updated version © 2015

We are currently updating our Teaching Character Through Literature Study Guide which will be available in a few weeks. Other guides that we offer our Classic Editions of several guides:

We hope you find this helpful. Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can be reached at 800.889.1978, letters@bfbooks.com, on Facebook, and Instagram

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Send us your pictures! You could be in our next Study Guide!

We are currently updating and revising our Teaching Character Through Literature study guide and we want to include pictures of you and your kids reading in it! We already have some absolutely lovely submissions and can't wait to see yours. We're going to be formatting the guide in a week or two, so send in those photos for inclusion. Simply email the pics to rebecca (@) bfbooks.com

Thank you! If your photo is used, you will be notified by email.
Submission of photo indicates permission to use. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: History of Science

This year, Jessica from Wonder & Wildness has been sharing her family's experience with our History of Science study. This literature approach is rich in ideas, story, and fun. She first shared a great overview of the study here and now brings us an update. Thanks Jessica for sharing!

Our minds have been delighting in the beautiful stories we have been enjoying from Beautiful Feet Books’ A History of Science book package. It is a beautifully curated collection of books, with a thoughtfully laid out guide. I first mentioned A History of Science back when we started the school year. At that point we were newly starting out with the books and I wasn’t sure if we would follow the one year schedule or their two year schedule. We have solidly shifted into somewhere right in the middle, but I may possibly continue these readings through summer and finish within a calendar year.

A History of Science consists of 11 books about specific scientists, 1 audio cd, 2 books that help you dig deeper into the lives of the scientists and their scientific experiments, and the guide book that schedules the reading and activities out for you, while offering helpful insights and additional resources.

My favorite thing about the living books Beautiful Feet Books provides is that they don’t feel like work. They are books you could read as bedtime stories or curled up in hammocks on a lazy afternoon- they’re beautiful and cozy. The books are bright and engaging to burgeoning minds and the teachers guide book is excellent for digging deeper, applying what is being taught, and connecting resources to help with the readings....continue reading review on Jessica's blog here

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Free Shipping Offer!

Now through February 20 we're offering free shipping at bfbooks.com!! Just use code "FREESHIP" and save on shipping.

While you're looking around, be sure to check out our newest title, Anno's China. It's beautiful and sure to become a treasured part of your family library.

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